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Joyce DiDonato

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“Ms DiDonato seemed the perfect 21st-century diva – an effortless combination of glamour, charisma, intelligence, grace and remarkable talent.” The New York Times

Unquestionably one of the great artists of our time, Joyce DiDonato has a passion to communicate and connect with audiences across the world. Albion Media coordinates Joyce’s worldwide PR and works with her to develop relationships that enable her to fulfil her multiple goals outside of her performing career.

Albion Media works closely with Joyce’s management team, working together to ensure that Joyce’s performances and zeal for education and various social issues are given the broadest platform possible and are carefully positioned to back up her status as a major artistic figure whose influence goes beyond the normal confines of an opera singer.

A mixture of traditional PR and social media campaigns have been devised and implemented by Albion Media on behalf of DiDonato on a range of activities outside of the opera or concert hall stage. Recent work includes promoting the streaming on MediciTV of DiDonato’s masterclasses from Carnegie Hall that were viewed in less than a week by over 250,000 people and DiDonato’s rendition of the American national anthem at the World Series final that had a television audience of over 40 million people worldwide.


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