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Stunning video of Joyce DiDonato’s visit to El Sistema Greece

As patron of El Sistema Greece, Joyce DiDonato has visited Athens several times recently to work with refugee children in Greece. Classic FM have now posted a moving and inspiring video made during one of these trips:

The visit filmed was the culmination of a tour of In War and Peace: Harmony through Music, a project devised by DiDonato in which she asks audiences, “In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?”

DiDonato says:

“The idea is to combine these children into orchestra and choir so we have people coming together to make music from various cultural backgrounds and various levels of music education. And the result is something quite extraordinary. The teachers are on the ground giving these kids tools not only to be musicians but to learn discipline and to learn to work with others and self-esteem and confidence.”

Joyce DiDonato has long been engaged in causes including the vital need for music education to be accessible to all and prison reform, which includes frequent visits to the high-security correctional facility at Sing Sing in upstate New York.


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